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Funding a university course abroad

Funding a university course abroadPaying for international study can be tricky. Find out about funding for overseas courses.

UK loans and grants

If you do your whole degree abroad, you won't be able to access the loans and grants that you would get in the UK. You can get these if you do a year abroad during a UK-based degree. Find out more about going abroad during your degree.

Other funding

Funding to do a full degree abroad is more difficult to find than for UK-based courses with a year abroad. This is because universities will often support their students if they want to spend time in another country – but if you're doing your entire course overseas, this isn't an option.

The funding you can get will depend on the country you are going to, the subject you are studying and even the specific institution you study at. The main sources of funding are:

  • UK or international organizations that promote international study
  • The government of the country you are going to
  • The university you apply to

If you're studying in Europe, you can find out about the available funding from the European Funding Guide.

If you're studying in the USA, you can find out more about the available funding from the Fulbright Commission.

The British Council has information on other sources of funding.

Working while abroad

There will be restrictions on the work you can do while you are studying in another country. These vary from place to place and can be complex. For example, in the USA you will normally only be able to get a job if it is on campus, part of a training course, or if you can show that you are in financial trouble for reasons beyond your control.

If you do work that isn't allowed by your visa, you could be arrested or deported, so make sure you are certain of the work restrictions before you look for a job.

Tuition fees

How much you pay in tuition fees will depend on where you study. They vary widely, from as much as £28,000 at some US universities to free in parts of Germany. Universities that don't charge fees might charge an administration or registration fee, usually of a few hundred pounds.

Within the EU, you'll be charged the same fees as a home student, although if there is support available for the cost of fees you may not qualify. In other countries, you might be charged a higher rate, so make sure you confirm the cost for international students with the university directly.

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