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Safe partying

partyUniversity can sometimes seem like one long party. There’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down of course, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry, so read on for our top tips to make sure the only problem you have on a night out is getting up the next morning.

Safety in numbers

If you’re going to a club, make sure you meet up with your friends first. Even if you’re going to a house party, it’s best to make sure there are people you know already there before you go alone. Apart from things generally being more fun when you’re together, a group of you can keep an eye out for each other if anything goes wrong.

Be careful at cash machines

It’s best to make sure you’ve got enough money in advance and stick to it so you don’t overspend. But if you do need to go to a cash machine you need to think about more than your bank balance: try and take a friend with you, be careful of anyone hanging around and make sure no-one can see you entering your PIN.

Watch what you’re drinking

First, don’t get too drunk. More than one in five admissions to hospital casualty departments are alcohol-related, and even if you don’t have an accident on the night, waking up with a thumping hangover isn’t much fun. Second, never leave your own drinks unattended or accept a drink from a stranger, since you never know what people could slip into them when you’re not looking.

Look after your phone

Keep your mobile with you but be careful – and not just about swapping your numbers with people you’ll later try to avoid. You might need to call your friends if you can’t find them, but be discreet so you’re not advertising it to thieves.

Getting home

Don’t go out alone, and the same applies to getting home. Leave with friends and try and get public transport if possible, or stick to well-lit and busy streets if there’s a group of you walking back. If you do need to get a taxi make sure it’s licensed – your student union probably has a list of recommended taxi firms you can call, so ask for that to stop yourself getting ripped off or anything worse.

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