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Online shopping

Online shoppingCheap, easy, convenient – there are plenty of reasons to shop online. But there are reasons to be careful too. Here are our top tips to make sure that real bargain you’ve found online isn’t really a rip-off.

Shop around

Make sure you’re getting the best deal by comparing a few websites and prices in the shops. Also check whether the price includes delivery and maybe insurance – as these can really bump up the cost.

Find a site you can trust

It’s normally safest to go with a well-known name like Amazon or eBay because these sites have security policies to protect you from faulty goods and other problems. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop on smaller websites, but do some research first. Find out if anyone you know has ordered from them, read other user reviews online and find out what the website’s refund policy is in case anything goes wrong. Many smaller sites use services like PayPal to deal with payments, which can give you extra protection if things go wrong.

Be careful with your information

Online shopping normally requires you to enter your name, address and credit or debit card details – which you need to be sure aren’t going to fall into the wrong hands. After checking whether the website is trustworthy, make sure they’re using a secure server by looking whether the URL address begins ‘https’. It’s also better to shop with a credit card than a debit card because it’s easier to get your money back if you are ripped off. Make sure you keep your online receipt and check your bank statements too!

Don't get carried away

After buying your first item with a couple of clicks and saving yourself money and hassle, you might feel like you never have to go to the ‘proper’ shops again. But while it might be fun to browse through websites, don’t give in to temptation and start buying things you don’t need or can’t afford. Just because you don’t have to carry shopping bags home yourself doesn’t mean you should fill them past bursting point online!

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