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Top 10 jobs to keep you fit

Top 10 jobs to keep you fitWhile many of us end up joining gyms to stay fit some lucky people keep trim by simply going to work. Check out our list of 10 jobs that help to keep the bulge at bay.

1: Painter and decorator

This can be quite a physically demanding job - climbing up and down ladders, carrying heavy pots of paint, sanding wood and more. Even the painting motion can give your arms and shoulders a real work out.

Salaries for a painter and decorator may range from around £12,000, for an apprentice, to more than £25,000 a year.
These skills can be either self-taught or taught on the job via an apprenticeship.

2: Childminder

The best personal trainers must surely be young children. Chasing kids around and playing sporty games can work up quite a sweat.
A childminder's earnings depend on the number of children they care for and the fees they negotiate. Average fees range from around £3 to £4.50 an hour for each child. Salaries range from around £6,000 a year to around £20,000.

To become a registered childminder, you can study an NVQ level 3 in Children’s care learning and development or a diploma in home-based childcare.

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3: Craft baker

Whilst some bakers may work in automated plant bakeries, in craft bakeries much of the work (such as kneading dough and shaping the loaves) is still carried out by hand. Providing you’re not eating all the bread, it can be quite a physical job.

Salaries generally range from around £11,500 to £26,000 or more a year.

Training is usually on-the-job however, you may be able to gain experience working at home. When you start, you may also need to sit a basic hygiene course.

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4: Walking tour guide

You can meet different people everyday in this job as you take tourists around your local attractions on foot. As an added bonus, you get a gentle workout whilst enjoying the delights of your city.

Salaries may range from around £11,920 up to £25,000 a year. Most tour guides, however, are self-employed and their earnings vary considerably.

There is no formal training for this job. An interest in history, good presentation skills and lots of confidence are crucial though.

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5: Landscape gardeners

Landscapers can get a real work out on the job. Pulling out deep-rooted plants, digging holes, carrying large pots or laying paving stones and turf is quite a task but also very rewarding when you’re handiwork comes to full bloom.

Salaries range from around £14,000 a year for a trainee, to up to between £35,000 and £45,000 a year for a contracts manager.

There is no formal training for this job. Candidates need to be physically fit and have stamina. They must be self-motivated and able to carry out orders. If you want to be more involved in garden design and the creative side, there are a number of university courses and evening classes. However, these are not essential to do this job.

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